18 Dangers of Dating a Married Man

18 Dangers of Dating a Married Man

Emotional or physical infidelity comes with a whole list of consequences. It may sound exciting but cheating on a wedded partner is condemned both morally and socially. Is dating a married man wrong? What are the rules, the risks and the consequences? What are the reasons why you should you never date a married man?

Here are 18 truths and dangers about the reality of dating a married man that you need to be aware of:

1. You will be called his Mistress

As terrible as this sounds but people will surely brand you as his 'Keep' the moment they find out. You may be ridiculed and also frowned upon since judging you is easier under such circumstances.

2. You will be dissatisfied

You might keep waiting forever and he may never give you a healthy relationship that you so richly deserve. He won't be available and you will never be his priority in the first place. So, your dream life with him will forever seem like a fantasy.

3. You'll also feel guilty everyday

The spiritual consequences of dating a married guy are far reaching. Your conscience will keep nudging you to leave him and you will constantly be torn into making the right choice. Your morals and ethics will be tested and you could start self-sabotaging considering the fact that you know you are just another woman.

4. He will never make you his priority

You could be facing life-threatening challenges or not but ask for help and he could be making a thousand excuses, the lamest ones or that his wife and children need him at that moment. You'll never make it to the top in his priority list, ever.

5. The chances of a heartbreak is high

You'll have to make peace with the fact that sooner or later that he will never be yours. This will end in a tragedy and the hopes of building a stable life with him is an illusion that you have to fight everyday.

6. Your patience will be tested

You'll have to wait for this married guy's most convenient time and space to reach out to you. There will be times when you are frustrated and feel betrayed but you might just choose to let the thoughts die down fearing that you might be misunderstood or end up hurting him. Clearly, you suffer in silence while he enjoys the best of both worlds.

7. You will remain his best kept secret

He'll meet you secretly. He'll call you secretly. You might never be seen anywhere with him except for being stuck at a hotel room or your place. If someone found you guys chilling around, he might just call you a "friend" or an "acquaintance" or a "client".

8. He may be dishonest with you

Will you ever be able to say for sure that he is totally honest to you? If he could be keeping his wife in the dark then you are the least bit of his concern. He will also confine you in a trap and feed you lies that breeds mistrust and resentment.

9. It will never remain “simple” for long

What started as a thrilling sexual escapade from routine life will soon start taking a toll on your mental health and this will escalate into something serious just in case you catch feelings for him and start dreaming that someday you will be honored and given due recognition.

10. You might be threatened by his wife

Just in case his wife caught you guys red handed or she starts being suspicious of your relationship with him, she may question you, abuse you, stalk you, tarnish your image and even threaten your life in the most dire circumstances. She may never forgive you or let go of the fact that you caused her agony and pain.

11. Your family might judge you

Your family's support is crucial if you feel betrayed by the married guy. There is a risk that your family and friends might isolate you and you will feel embarrassed to share your thoughts with them and even seek support or help. They will forever keep reminding you of the wrongs you committed just in case your relationship deteriorates with them. So, the cost of losing the love of your close ones looms large.

12. Your work life will be affected

Your productivity at the workplace will be affected in a major way. You might constantly think of him and wait for his texts and calls endlessly leaving your work behind. This distraction will cause some slack in your output as an employee setting the stage for some major backlash or losses later.

13. You might feel stuck

Another dangerous result of being in a relationship with a married man is the feeling of being stuck. Your emotions start ruling you and clouds your beat judgement. It messes your most rational conduct and you might feel depressed, anxious and lonely unable to find a way out of the trap.

14. He may ghost you whenever he likes

If you are dealing with a real player, he will have plotted his moves early on and is thriving on your weaknesses. So, if you try to ask too many questions and he starts feeling that you are waking up from your deepest slumber, he will immediately ghost you and close all channels that earlier gave you access to him.

15. He might also cheat on you

Just like you there could be other women he is either sleeping with or draws emotional intimacy from because cheating has become an addiction that struggles to fight out. So, if you believe that you are the only one, it may or may not be the ultimate reality.

16. He will treat you poorly if you rebel

Everyday he might make you feel undervalued but your blind faith in him will prevent you from sharing your real emotions. As long as you are available at his beck and call and he has a free pass to exploit you, you'll remain in his good books. Question his motives and he'll show you his true colors.

17. You will have wasted precious years of your life

If this illegitimate relationship drags for too long, you will lose the most precious years of your life, your youth. You will never get back lost time and that's a dangerous trade off. He could hold you back from enjoying your life or pursuing your dreams, controlling you through shackles so invisible to you. In the end, it's your loss and he will never share the blame.

18. He may gaslight you

This is a cruel behavior that your married guy may resort to knowingly or unknowingly. You start questioning your sanity because he begins to control the way you think, your behavior and also how you lead your daily life. It's a crippling feeling when you lose all self confidence and he saps you of all your powers and carelessly becomes insensitive to your needs.

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Anouk Remini

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