10 Tips for Dating an Engineer Guy

10 Tips for Dating an Engineer Guy

Dating a man who work as an engineer with particular personality traits can have its own challenges.Not all men are alike in this matter. However, it won't be wrong to say that most engineers are not a class of their own. Dating an engineer is not everyone's cup of tea. There are a lot of sacrifices that you might have to make. But at the same time, the rewards can make up for everything else. If you've fallen for an engineer, good choice. Now, let's help you navigate this relationship in the best way possible and see how you can make him like you and fall in love with you.

Here are 10 precious tips for dating an engineer guy!

1. Never expect an adventure on a weekday

The weekdays of an engineer are filled with excitement, challenges and adventures. But here's the catch. Their idea of what can be called exciting, challenging and adventurous is a lot different from whatever it is that you are thinking of right now. His idea of fun and adventure is the work that he does at the office. So, don't expect him to ditch work on weekdays to spend time with you. He might do it sometimes. He isn't made of stone. But don't get angry if he is too tired when he gets back from work to make any plans.

2. Some of them can be loners

Being an engineer is hard work. It means hours of studying when you are in grad school. And many hours before that just to get into a good grad school. This can restrict them from socializing as much as someone else their age. So, when you meet them, they will probably have a very limited number of friends. All of whom would be engineers like themselves. And just as busy as he is. So, he can come across as a bit of a loner. Don't judge him harshly for that. When giving the chance, he might be very good at making friends.

3. He understands the importance of love and family

Just because he has been a loner does not mean that he doesn't value human connection. Often times, being so caught up with work makes these men long for all the family time that they missed out on. Naturally, they understand how important it is to have and value love and family. While he might seem like someone who worships his work more than anything. He will always give his loved ones and family the time and attention that they deserve. I know a lot of women think that Engineers are devoid of such emotions that make a person value human connection. But believe me, the opposite is true.

4. But he might not be big on making commitments

Well, he's a guy who plays for the long-term. Which means that he also takes his own sweet time before making any decision. Especially the important ones. Another thing to note here is that he has a lot to catch up on when it comes to living his life. There is so much that he had to sacrifice growing up just to get to where he is today. So, naturally, now he won't jump in headfirst into the relationships that he finds himself in. Because of these reasons, you won't find him very eager to make commitments that he is not sure about. If you are looking for a guy who is quick to commit to a relationship. Or at least works on the same pace as you, you might want to focus on someone else.

5. You have to know that he is a bit of a nerd

I think you probably knew this one already. But if you didn't here's an important characteristic of engineers. He can be cool or at least try to be. But regardless, he will always be a little bit of a nerd at heart. Which can be fun too because you'll get to see things in a whole new way. Especially if you are someone who is always looking for new adventures and perspectives. Regardless, you will always learn something new from your nerd boyfriend. And who knows, you might find Dungeons and Dragons interesting too.

6. If he's ambitious, then work take priority in most matters

Like I mentioned earlier, he's a guy who worships work. Sure, everything else is important too. But he is where he is because he has always made his work and studies a priority. He has sacrificed a lot over the years because of his ambitions. Sure, if your need is urgent, he will drop his work to be with you. But don't expect him to leave work for something that he considers trivial. If he loves you, he will always give weight to what matters to you. But to avoid any fights later on, he would try to clarify everything that classifies as important and what doesn't. He has plans for the future, he can't waste even a little bit of his time.

7. They usually prefer women who work

Being an ambitious guy himself, he likes to be surrounded by people whose ambitions stimulate him. All of his friends work just as hard as he does which pushes him to do better. So, naturally, he will fall for a woman who makes him a better version of himself. Another reason for this preference is the fact that he loves women who are independent and have a life of their own. He doesn't want someone whose life revolves around him. The conversations in those relationships become boring and after a while, he would quit.

8. He's not a guy who can talk about his feelings easily

Now, I can't say that all engineer guys are like this. But all those that I have met have been emotionally shut off. My guess is that it has something to do with their IQ. The higher they rank on it the more they get out of touch with their emotions. So, you won't find him opening up about how he feels. Especially not with words. His way of expressing emotions is through actions. So, if you don't get a pat on the back every now and then, don't feel bad. And he won't engage in long conversations about his emotions either. You will have to expressive about your own emotions and perceptive about his.

9. He is a romantic though

The fact that he isn't emotionally expressive doesn't mean that he is devoid of emotions. Remember I said that he values love and family. I wouldn't be surprised if your engineer guy has always fantasized about a romantic relationship. And whenever he gets serious in a relationship, he relives all those dreams. In his own way, he will always try to bring romance in the relationship. Even if it doesn't match with your ideas, appreciate his effort. And you can even teach him more about your ideas by doing it for him.

10. In him, you will find a man you can depend on

With all of his quirks and late hours at work, one thing that you can bet on is that once he commits, he will always be there for you. You will never have to worry about his financial state, or his future, or his commitment towards you. He is a disciplined man who lived his life to build a better future. So, of course, the least he can do is provide a good future for you too.

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