12 Best Ways to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

12 Best Ways to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

Coping with a breakup you couldn't come to terms with can be painful. You have some feelings left and a second chance is all you expect in the relationship. Don't lose hope as there is always a way. It's not uncommon for old lovers to get back after a breakup. In fact, some do better the next time. Did you break up with your ex but regret it and still want him in your life? How to get your ex-boyfriend back and keep him for good? How to rekindle an old flame and win his heart back?

Here are the 12 best ways to reunite with an old love and re-establish the lost romance:

1. Be friendly with him

If you want your ex-boyfriend to linger, you'll need to keep the door open partially. Stay friends with him if that's what you've mutually decided on so that they are aware of the happenings in your life. This is the primary step for other steps to work in your favor.

2. Safeguard his secrets

When you were in a relationship with your ex, you had deep access to his life. Breaching his trust and spilling out all his secrets just because he left you does not bore well. Stay tight-lipped about all that he has shared with you, especially ones that are confidential. You'll be in his good books and he'll find a reason to stay in touch.

3. Change your appearance

This might seem superficial but more often than not it does the trick. Get in shape and you'll notice a change in his reactions. It will also improve your self-esteem. At least, change your wardrobe or make some noticeable shifts in the way you look to feel confident about yourself. Don't go overboard, just do enough to turn his eyeballs and make him want you back.

4. Meet new people

Get back to your social life if had cut yourself off. This could uplift your mood and also distract you from negativity or the urge to cling to your phone for his response. Make new connections and build your network. Date if that makes you happy. Revenge sex or having a rebound is a recipe for disaster as that could further push your ex-boyfriend away if the news reaches him.

5. Limit his access to you

Don't be available for someone who left you in the middle of the sea when you needed them. Considering that your partner broke up abruptly, and you still want them back, avoid being available at their beck and call. Respond to them when it's convenient for you so that they realize what they missed out on. If you were in the habit of being immediately responsive, they need to get a clear message that you have drawn your boundaries. Respond in a few words so that there is room for more conversation to draw them in.

6. Focus on your life

If your ex-boyfriend dumped you, don't be stuck. There is more to life than romance and sex. It's important but you shouldn't put an end to all the other possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead of you just because someone chose themselves over you. Get your life together. Look out for a job or start your own venture. Remember those dreams that you had put on the backburner? It's time you take them up and prioritize yourself. It will make you more confident and reflect in the way you conduct yourself. Your ex will definitely be intrigued and perhaps regret leaving you, whether he admits it or not.

7. Speak about old memories

If you still share an amicable relationship with your ex, talk about the best moments you've had together. Remind him of how you felt when he was around and also elaborate on your dreams and the impact he had on you. These gentle reminders will take him down memory lane and cherish moments lost in the sands of time. You don't necessarily have to get the desired reaction from him but that should subtly nudge him to miss you, again.

8. Appreciate the value they added

Men have a biological drive to feel appreciated and important. They want to be of value to those they care about. If you meet his friends or get connected to him again, never leave a chance to thank them for whatever they did for you. Admire who they were and point at the good memories. Your positivity will attract more positivity and set you apart from those who dwell in the dumps forever and blame everyone for their unhappiness.

9. Go no-contact

Men like chasing what they cannot have. If your ex has no clue about the current happenings in your life, they may try to find out. Establishing the no-contact rule will also make them think you are over them and they do not have a place in your life anymore. So, block them out from your phone and choose to avoid entertaining them no matter the channel they choose to interact with you. This may seem counterintuitive but hold your horses for a few days before you allow them in. They will treat you better and differently.

10. Let your social media feed reflect some positivity

It's good to avoid badmouthing your ex or telling the whole world about the sourness that transpired in the relationship. Avoid the temptation no matter how hurtful the breakup was. If you speak unkind words or spread rumors about him, it will reach him surely. It will not bore well with him if you say you want him back but leave no stone unturned to tarnish his image in public. We don't advise you to go invisible on social media but sharing positive stuff projects a dignified image.

11. Give it some time

Allow some time to pass so that you have had enough time to heal from the pain. Taking a break will let you gain some perspective about the past relationship. The break is also sufficient time to understand if your ex really wants you in their life again. After all, you can't force yourself on him. If he misses your presence he will make efforts to build the connection again.

12. Be nice

Regardless of whether your ex comes back in your life, you should never let setbacks make you arrogant. You may feel at the top of the world for some time being mean and rude to people to rationalize the pain of separation, but that's not real happiness. Set time out to reflect on what your expectations from life are. Become a better version but never selfish or unkind. Everyone wants to associate with someone with a big heart. So, keep your niceness intact. If he is meant for you, he'll come back!

Anouk Remini

Anouk Remini

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