10 Ways to Get Revenge on a Married Man

10 Ways to Get Revenge on a Married Man

Forgiveness the greatest revenge you can take for the wrongs done to you. As believers of karma say everything will balance itself at the right time. Should you take revenge on a married guy? Is silence the best revenge after a married guy called off his relationship with you? Or is ignoring him the best revenge? How to forget him and move on with your life? How to make a married guy regret losing you and miss you?

Here is how to get revenge on a married man and how you can make a married guy feel miserable and jealous after he hurt you:

1. Reflect on the consequences of your actions

A tit for tat makes the world blind is a famous saying. Unrequited love from a married man can put you through immense pain and harassment. While you could let go of the moral ideas and the evaluation of the right and wrong for the sake of your short term happiness, being vengeful will slowly start consuming you from within as doing harm to someone reflects back at you. Do you think pulling off a dirty act of this guy you once loved will get you anywhere? Will he come back after you hurt a married man who hurt you?

2. Become the best version of yourself and walk away from him

Use social media to flaunt the changes you underwent and what makes you deserve so much better. There is no better revenge than leaving him craving for the person that's more confident, smart and so full of vitality. This works like a charm. When your greatest enemies see you in a better state, they can't help but express their jealousy, anger or plain regret for what they did to you. Focus on your growth and build on what you know. This is not a stress buster but also a brilliant way to survive the wrong done to you.

3. Forgive him and let him go

The happier you are, the more they feel the hurt. Your life can't stop just because someone left you. Being agile and adapting to the sudden changes is the mantra for survival. Go no contact to make a married guy crazy. Let's acknowledge the fact that what he did to you was treacherous. He lied and sold you hopes and dreams with no intention of fulfilling those. Cry and vent out your frustration. But ultimately pull yourself back up because life is just not yet over. Truly, it all comes back to a full circle.

4. Write a goodbye mail to get over a married man

Written words have immense power to impact someone's mind. Writing him a letter that lets you maturely put across your expectations and betrayals could be a hard read but it's bound to hurt him. Even if he never gave you a closure and whether or not he responds to you, speak your heart out but keep it short.

5. Be kind to yourself and accept the breakup

He used you and left you broken. But be honest to yourself that you were dealing with fire. This was bound to go nasty at some point and time because it wasn't a healthy relationship and he was only seeking a quick fix to his troubled marriage or lust. Forgive yourself. Acceptance of what went wrong does not mean you accept the wrong but rather the fact that life happens and you will never always have control over the end result.

6. Never drag his family into it

Just in case his family had no clue about this and he was married with kids, its a kind thing to do to keep them away from this mess. As much as you would want to tell his wife and cause them pain, they truly don't deserve that. If his wife was aware, imagine the hurt she may have felt when you occupied his time and she underwent both physical and emotional abandonment. Save them and yourself further damage by walking away without drama.

7. Always keep your grace intact

There is nothing more sexy about a person than his or her ability to maintain a graceful disposition at all times. It's called the power of silence and being composed in a situation that provokes you to cause harm, your stability will speak volumes about the person that you are. This is more advantageous than losing your calm and planning a sinister design that leave you nowhere close to a peaceful life

8. Seek legal help

Just in case your rights have been affected and you think you need legal advice, an attorney would be able to help you with the pros and cons of going to a court to seek justice or a remedy. A professional will be in a better position to protect or guide you in a sensitive matter such as this because any thoughtlessly executed action could cause you irreparable damage and loss of reputation, jeopardizing your personal life and career.

9. Learn your lesson

It goes without saying that learning your lesson is the greatest takeaway from this messy act of adultery. Your greatest takeaway here should be to judge what you do and act keeping in mind all options available at the moment as rationally as you can. Giving in to momentary temptations could be fun and thrilling but in the end you are answerable to yourself, people who care about you and also legs not forget the laws of the land.

10. Start dating again to stop thinking about the married guy you once loved

Who said fun should end? Get back to dating once you think you are ready to emotionally engage with someone. It's stupid to keep waiting for the married man who was never yours. The key to finding the right guy is to go out and meet someone who fits your ideal image of a person to dream to be with.

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Anouk Remini

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