Why You Should Never Give Up on Someone You Love!

Why You Should Never Give Up on Someone You Love!

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Love is the purest emotion. Love is blind. Love is passion, love is creation and love is divine. It sees no differences and accepts someone in their entirety without the need to change them. If you love someone, you don't leave. If someone loves you, they would make every possible effort to keep you in their life.

Is it wrong to give up on love? What are the reasons why you love someone? Why should you fight for someone you love? What are the reasons to end a relationship?

If you have these questions in mind, here is whether, when and why you should never give up on someone you love!

Do we ever stop loving someone we loved once?

None of us are easy to love. We have battles to fight and we need someone to confide in. Love is giving, love is compassion and love is peace.

We are all flawed and need someone who believes in us, help us work on our limitations and become better. If we loved someone who helped us battle our demons and energetic a winner, we should never leave or give up hoping that they will evolve. In reality, we can never forget what we feel or have felt for someone even as time passes and we come across other people who are worthy of our love.

How should you love?

An ideal partner knows the value of being patient when their lover needs help. When the latter falls, they stand up for them.

To be there for someone is to respect their choices and also help them see the best potential that they fail to see. Love does not blossom under threat or deadlines. Love does not force or impose conditions. To love is to set someone free and believe that they will come back if its meant to be. Loving someone is blind trust. The road is unclear and the path filled with uncertainties. To be in love is to respect disagreements and be tolerant of opposing views and opinions. To love is to leave someone to their own wisdom and understanding. It is to leave space for them to decide what's best for them and to know that they are an equal. It is to let go of the idea that to love is to be a savior. That we can make someone fit into our mold of what's best or perfect is to rob them of their autonomy.

Is it worth it to fight for love?

Giving up on someone is never an option when you are committed to see through the challenges of the relationship. It is never hunky dory in love and if you could accept someone in their good times, you should be able to stand tall with them even through the tough times no matter how hard it is for you. Love demands sacrifices. It demands selflessness. So, when it's a matter of sticking through the thick and thin, you fight out the problem like a team. There isn't an issue that cannot be solved with concerted effort. When there is a will, there will always be a way.

How do you know a relationship is worth fighting for?

A relationship is worth the fight when it makes you the best version of yourself. Where there is respect, love and care there is no reason to give up and move on. In fact, it is not everyday that you can come across someone who loves you with all their heart and wants to pursue you life long. Someone who is as much committed to see you grow as much as he is about himself or herself deserves our best. It is hard to come across a soul who understands you and wants to be there for you and makes you smile. Someone who accepts your flaws and takes pride in the person that you are. You won't feel confident and at the top of the world everyday.

Doubts creep and you might encounter unsolvable problems in life. You'll suffer from insecurities and question your worth. If you found a love who picks you up, pats your back and shows you the way or is willing to traverse the difficult roads with you, you have a winner. It is worth every single bit of your life to live for someone with the purest of intentions for you. A person who gives without expectations and loves you unconditionally, that's a person who is rare, never to be found again.

When is it time to give up on a relationship?

You should know that it is time to give up on a relationship when you feel neglected, unloved or not cared for. There is no valor in living in hell. There is no celebration in emptying yourself for the sake of an ungrateful and thankless partner. A hollow you will never be able to love. When your emotional and physical boundaries are disrespected and there is lack of trust or commitment, it serves you well to put yourself first and move on from toxicity. Love does not thrive or grow in doubts, lies, deceit, manipulation and abuse. Love ensures your highest good and when that's taken away, you are left being sapped of your precious energy. We need to realize that not everyone is meant to be a co-passenger in our journey of life. When your efforts go unrecognized and you are perpetually taken for granted it's time to let go.