10 Cute Ways to Show Your Husband You Love Him

10 Cute Ways to Show Your Husband You Love Him

Have you been wondering how to express your love for your husband? Is expressing in actions a task for you? While physical bond is pivotal to any marriage, one needs to be able to show their love and care through non- sexual ways as well. Your words and actions can contribute in a major way in strengthening your marital relationship. Here we have compiled a list of cute things that you could do for your husband to make a difference in your marriage. Make the small step first for a little will go a long way.

10 Things to tell you husband to show that you love him

  1. Thank you. This is a magical word of honoring whatever your husband does for you to make you happy. Show him that you grateful for everything. Gratitude always leads to abundance.

  2. You’re an amazing person! Your husband needs to be appreciated for who he happens to be. It is easier to criticize but difficult to point out the good in your man if you have had a rough patch off lately. So, uplift him by letting him know that you respect the man that he is.

  3. I fall in love with you everyday. Even if you guys have been together for a decade, it is great to remind him that you still can’t help falling in love with him every time you see him.

  4. I can’t take my eyes off you. Let him know how much he makes you go weak on your knees. Tell him how hot he looks when he wears your favorite attire! Make sure he knows how much you desire him.

  5. No matter what, I’ll be there for you. Your husband needs to knows that even if he fails of messes things up, you’ll be there for him regardless of who or what comes around.

  6. I forgive you. Just like him you’ll make mistakes too. If you are prone to committing errors, then he should also be forgiven if he is genuinely sorry. Forgiveness is difficult but if you can look past his mistakes and focus on the brighter things in your marriage, your relationship will stand on a solid ground.

  7. I bought us tickets for tonight’s show. It could be anything that he has wanted to do or see but never could make time amidst all the business. Treat him out and plan some surprises on some days rather than expecting him to do everything for you.

  8. I miss you. Always tell the man of you life how much you miss him. You may have a busy day and does he. But remember to tell him that you crave his presence around you. That you will never be too busy for him. Show him you anticipation before he comes back home.

  9. I want to cuddle with you. Tell him that you find even the smallest distance between the two of you annoys you. Show him how peaceful it is for you to rest close to him. Tell him that you have a good night’s sleep because he is so close to you.

  10. I love you so much. Even if he knows and you may have told him this a hundred times, utter it frequently. A heartfelt expression can just brighten up his whole day.

10 Powerful Romantic ways to show your husband that you love him

There are so many different ways of showing your husband that you love him. While there is no water-light rule, here are a few great ways that work universally.

  1. Write a love letter. This is a classic idea to woo your man. Write a cute note and hide it in his wallet or keep it in on the bed before he comes home. Drop him a mail. If your man is a techie, do send him a mail. Attach some old pictures of you guys together. String all your thoughts together even if you don’t claim to be a writer.

  2. Cook his favorite dish. They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Even if your man is a fitness freak, keep track of his cheat days and make him something special which he will cherish.

  3. Have mind-blowing sex. Have sex in the most unusual places, at the most unexpected times. Be proactive in initiating and also during the act rather than making him work to please you. Surprise him with your skills.

  4. Take him shopping. Have a day where you shop for him exclusively. Be his guide if you have a good sense of fashion, or hire a fashion consultant who would join you to understand his taste and advise accordingly. Give him a surprise wardrobe makeover.

  5. Treat him to a spa. Or give him a great massage yourself. Let him take a day off where he is able to relax and do whatever he likes, all sponsored by you.

  6. Stand up for him. Be his strength. While flowery speeches are great, walk the talk. Defend him when someone takes advantage of him or be his voice when he falls back.

  7. Give him a surprise visit at work. Show up at his place of work without notice. Buy him some flowers or his favorite chocolates and make sure you hug him tight when you see him.

  8. Engage in his work and hobbies. Even if you are polar opposites, find a common ground and show your interest in what he does. This will tell him that you appreciate him and are proud of his work.

  9. Learn something from him. If your husband is proficient at something, learn it from him. He will feel good that you respect his knowledge. Make him your teacher. This will buy you some extra time with him too.

  10. Kiss him more. Kiss him when he leaves, Kiss him when he comes back. Kiss him when you wake up. Kiss him when you sleep. There should be no end to kisses. Touch him more. Hold his hands and never leave it in public.

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