12 Signs He Doesn't Want to Marry You

12 Signs He Doesn't Want to Marry You

If your man has been acting wishy washy about being “official” with you, it's a red flag. It's a true sign that your guy will chicken out. How do you know if a man is pretending to love you and is faking his interest? How do you know if he will never propose? What happens when he doesn't want to get married? How can you tell if a guy will never marry you?

Here are 12 major signs a man has no plans to marry you:

1. He's delaying the matter

He never speaks about a future with you. He makes you believe that he is not ready yet. You've been waiting and the "right" time never arrives. He is indecisive and you're stuck dating him casually. The matter of the fact is he is not ready to take the leap of faith with you. He is convinced that you are not "the one". He acts confused or unprepared just to delay the damage it may cause to you.

2. He gets annoyed when you speak of marriage

He reacts aggressively when you get pushy about marriage. It's always you who speaks about settling down. He tries to convince you that things are just fine the way they are right now. He shuts you out and starts threatening you with a breakup every time you bring up the topic of marriage. Basically, he doesn't wish to marry. Either you aren't the perfect match or he is done with love and marriage for good.

3. He meets you secretly

He meets you at dark hours. He doesn't wish to be caught in a public space with you. He chooses secret places, away from the crowd to catch up with you. He could give you plenty of excuses for the same but the underlying fact is the same. He is unsure of you. He is going with the flow as that serves his immediate needs. However, marriage is not on the cards.

4. He doesn't speak about his work

When a man is truly invested in you, he will speak about his daily routine. He will share his financial issues with you if he is really thinking about marrying you. He confides in you to share his work struggles. If a man keeps his work confidential, he is carefully keeping you out of his private space. He is calculative and suspicious of you and it's obvious he will never marry you.

5. You have never met his friends or family

When a guy is carefully keeping you away from his inner circle of family and friends he doesn't consider you family. No matter how nice he is to you, unless he introduces you to them, invites you home, is seen publicly with you as his girlfriend he is not willing to build a future with you. You're only a casual date he is hanging out with and there is no real intention to be serious with you.

6. He doesn't care about you

You've been taken for granted in the relationship. It doesn't affect him if you are unwell. It doesn't bother him if you are sad or quite not in your element. In fact he may not even notice changes in your moods. Basically he has other priorities in life and it wouldn't affect him at all if you choose to part ways. When a man isn't sensitive to your needs and expectations you don't mean a lot to him.

7. You've caught him lying

He lies to you about his whereabouts. He isn't quite sincere about his feelings or his life in general. He distracts you when you ask an important question or gets angry if you speak of settling down. His business is sneaky but he paints a rosy picture before you. Basically, he is playing with your emotions and won't ever tie the knot with you.

8. Disrespectful behavior in the relationship

He is manipulative. He doesn't care about your opinions. You feel neglected or lonely because he is too busy for you. He is constantly judging you or belittling you. He blocks you or shuts you out when you ask important questions that matter in a relationship. He is aware of your strengths and weaknesses and he uses them to his advantage to keep you in the loop and get by with his lack of responsibility.

9. You're his booty call

The only time you find him being nice to you is when he needs sex. He is smart so he has you believe that he is into you. He feeds on your niceness to exploit you sexually because all that he cares for is a physical relationship with you.

10. He doesn't believe in marriage

He has mentioned time and again that the idea of marriage is a sham. He does not believe in the institution of marriage and has rattled off a whole lot of theories to stay away from it. He might give you excuses of past breakups and the fact that he has no faith in love as a matter of fact. When a man steers clear of all responsibilities of settling down he is a free bird and he wishes to stay that way. If you thought that you would change him someday, that's not happening (in most cases).

11. He is a selfish person

He is an arrogant man. He has used and abused your naivety repeatedly. All he cares about is his convenience because all that he needs is a quick fix to his sexual needs. He pampers you only when he gets conscious and fears getting caught. It's all about him because he makes you believe that he is the star of the show. He boasts about his accomplishments and never has the time to hear you out or know you better. Such a man is an opportunist who will never marry you.

12. He gaslights you

He dumbs you down just so that you silence your mind and stop asking him questions. He gaslights you and you start feeling powerless. He makes you feel crazy for having logical questions so that you don't figure out his plans. He has set a fine trap for manipulating your emotions. A partner with such sinister designs will never walk down the aisle for you. You're just a holiday destination and he will leave as soon as his needs are fulfilled.

Anouk Remini

Anouk Remini

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