12 Signs your Husband is Cheating on You

12 Signs your Husband is Cheating on You

Do you doubt that your man may be cheating on you? What are the signs your husband may be having an affair? Do you have a gut feeling that your husband might be philandering? If you suspect a dramatic change in your husband’s behavior and attitude towards you, or if he is suddenly often unavailable, you must be worried. While below are a few suggestive signs, some clear and obvious and some more subtle, you should gather more evidence before accusing your husband of cheating on you.

For an initial investigation, here are 12 signs that might help you know if your husband is cheating on you.

1. His phone or computer is beyond your reach

Right to privacy is fundamental. However, with marriage, certain hard divisions tend to fade or better put, overlap. While you may not really be the person stalking your husband or managing his phone or computer, if your husband strictly keeps you away from being anywhere near his gadgets, there is something fishy. A cheater will be extra careful about all his secret texts and files. Messages and image sharing is a common means to communicate in the digital era, social media in particular. If you notice a habit of deleting texts or call logs, there could be something he doesn’t wish you knew about.

2. He sneaks out for calls

If your husband is cheating at work or cheating with your friend, he wouldn’t want to be around you when he gets on a call with the other person. The chances of him being exposed are higher as recognizing the third party’s voice may be easy. The mannerism of speaking with someone your husband may have an affair with will be apparently different from regular calls. To avoid the awkwardness, he ventures out, may come back late and worse, behaves particularly odd after the call ends.

3. Keeps you away from his circle

Often your husband’s friends are aware of his affairs long before you could pick on the clues. It is quite possible that they also sympathize with your state and ignorance. In order to avoid a loss of face, he deliberately manages to avoid all possible places where you could meet his circle of friends or associates. Even when you are invited to a party or a gathering, he bails you out with the most creative excuses!

4. Spiraling expenditure

Do you notice an unhealthy spending habit in your husband? Is there a sudden increase in his “business” trips, restaurant getaways, purchase of gifts, credit card bills of things that never got delivered to you? Infidelity comes at a price. There are chances he is showering the other woman in his life with all the luxury. The avenues of expenditures could be many but in case you notice some unexplained activity, you need to be alarmed.

5. Disrespects you

When there is a steep fall in his respect towards you, things aren’t well. In all possibility, you fall short of his expectations. The other woman might seem to be perfect which is why your imperfections have magnified in his eyes. He doesn’t hesitate to put you down before his family or even in public. You become a doormat in the marriage. Manipulation is at an all time high, often reaching a dangerous point of gas lighting.

6. Physical Abuse

Cheating husbands are prone to be physically abusive. They deal with a constant battle with the ego and conscience. In order to justify themselves or silence you, they wouldn’t hesitate to violate your space. It is a vicious cycle of abuse that you get caught up in, often keeping it a hush hush affair to protect the image of your marriage. He feels the need to instill the fear of his presence in your life so that you let him do what he fancies.

7. Avoids communication

Your husband stays away from initiating any form of communication with you. Even when you try, all you receive is monosyllabic responses. He doesn’t seem excited to speak about his work, his day in general or passions with you. You are almost invisible despite sharing the same bed. Communication is the bedrock of a relationship. When you are kept out in the cold, he doesn’t see you adding a special meaning to his life. While this does not necessarily mean he is cheating, the chances are not quite uncommon.

8. Weird pattern of sexual contact

If your husband doesn’t initiate sex or there is a sudden increase in his libido, there is something he is hiding. Any form of a sudden weird sexual activity should be a sign that your husband is cheating on you. Either he wants to signal that he isn’t attracted to you at all or that he wants to pacify you by keeping your doubts away. Often sex in this case will have no emotions attached. There is no expression of love.

9. Stays away from home

If your husband is in a long distance relationship with someone, he may be staying unusually away from home. You barely get to see him. Also, he doesn’t make enough time for the children. Quite possibly, he may be attached to his children but you don't seem to be his concern. He may be spending longer hours at his workplace, clubs, or worse, he doesn’t care to justify his whereabouts.

10. Your well being is not his priority

He doesn’t think too highly of you. There is zero care about your work or well being. If you are a dependent, he doesn’t take care of your material needs either. Your individuality or choices in life do not excite him at all. He is unreachable when you need him. In fact, he starts blaming you for everything wrong that has happened to him since the wedding took place. It is an unending pattern of blame game that he plays to keep you distracted from whatever he is up to.

11. Renewed focus on appearance

If your husband is trying hard to get back in shape or paying greater attention to his appearance, it may be a bad sign. While he definitely can make a resolution to lead a healthier life, a sudden alteration of schedule would seem absurd. This is especially true when he makes an extra effort to look good and smell great, probably at work or especially around a so-called “friend” who has started making frequent visits to your house as well.

12. Aggressively defends someone over you

If you happen to know this person he is cheating on you with and you have no clue what’s going on, you should notice a greater camaraderie between them. They are around each other dangerously close or defend each other at the cost of hurting your sentiments. It is not a “normal” friendship that they share but something beyond that you cannot put a finger on. While they do take note of each other’s preferences, special dates, they also share a “cozy” space that is quite unsettling.

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