10 Signs Your Husband is Losing Interest

10 Signs Your Husband is Losing Interest

Sustaining lifelong happiness and love in your married life takes effort. If your marriage has lost the charm and attraction it could be a sign of loss of romantic interest and passion. So, what are the signs your man is no longer interested in you? How do you know that your husband does not feel for you or is not into you anymore?

Here are 10 clear signs that your husband is losing interest in the relationship, no longer loves you or cares about you:

1. He refrains from touching you

You are in a sexless marriage and that's not because of medical constraints but lack of attraction. Your husband does not initiate sex or even reciprocate to your advances. He does not even hold your hands, kiss you or cuddle with you. You have tried all means to revive the intimacy in your marriage but your husband just pushes you away or tells you that he is too tired to make love to you.

2. He lies to you

He is doing things behind your back. He does not confide in you any longer. Your gut feeling tells you that you are being lied to or he is cheating on you. You have absolutely no clue of his whereabouts and he keeps you in the dark about his plans. He is always making up stuff to escape your questions and refuses to tell you the truth. It's almost become a habit because he fears losing his face is therefore, struggling to let you know what's on his mind.

3. He makes comparisons

He is often comparing you with other women he knows. He pulls you down and makes you feel like you are not good enough for him. He tells you that he deserved better and you don't match his expectations of an ideal wife. This sort of behavior kills the marriage slowly often to a point of a breakdown. It's cruel and extremely unfair to you but he derives some pleasure out of seeing you in pain and if this has become a pattern, you should know that he is emotionally withdrawn from you.

4. He does not romance you

He doesn't spend time with you. He is dissatisfied with the marriage and that has initiated a loss of trust and passion in the relationship. There is growing emotional distance between you and the lack of affection from your husband makes you feel undesirable and unwanted in his life. He never initiates romantic surprises and there is no change in his behavior no matter how you put across your wishes to improve the marriage.

5. He does not wish to resolve conflicts

He shows absolutely no initiative to keep an open channel of communication with you. So, when things get hard and there is a misunderstanding, he would let that pile up because he cannot handle confrontations. This could be out of some resentment against you or he feels demotivated to patch up with you. He blames you for every little thing that goes wrong in the marriage and therefore there is no end to the complaints he parks against you.

6. He does not help you

He does not support you at all. He is never there for you when you need him. You are the one bearing all the responsibilities in the marriage while he wants to be free from all obligations towards you. This is a clear case of utter disregard for your well-being while he remains self absorbed. He is making you feel miserable out of spite or just because he feels sort kind of detachment from you. It's a pain making him do anything for you and this has started frustrating you because it demeans you.

7. He has stopped buying you gifts

He does not pamper or spoil you. While he used to buy you flowers, chocolates or small gifts to express his love for you earlier, he is no longer making any effort to show you that he cares about your needs or wants. While material objects don't necessarily prove someone's love or interest in you, if he totally stops caring about the little things even when he is financially capable it could speak volumes about how he views the relationship. A selfless lover wouldn't deprive his partner of whatever he can manage to do just to bring a smile to her face. If that thoughtfulness is missing, you should evaluate your value again.

8. He is spending more time with his 'friends'

If your husband has been making excuses to be with other people more than usual, he could be trying to avoid you or it could be a sign your husband is cheating on you. He has an active social life but you aren't a part of it. He kind of makes you feel that he is embarrassed to make a public appearance with you. He is giving you a cold shoulder so that you pick on the hints that he is losing interest. He seems to have all the time in the world planning activities with his friends but he usually leaves you all alone deliberately hurting you with his unavailability.

9. He has become aggressive with you

He resorts to punishing you with the dreaded silent treatment. He is insensitive to your feelings and does not care if he hurts you while trying to pursue his own selfish needs. He neglects and abuses you. His comments are rude and he is frequently looking for ways and means to criticize you. He usually looks dissatisfied with your efforts and has been quite grateful and disenchanted with you. When your husband yells at you or is rude to you for no clear fault of yours, it's a real sign that he is not into you.

10. He does not value your opinion

When your husband does not trust you or value your say in matters that affect both then he is surely negligent of how you feel. He couldn't care less about your inputs and thus, he is disrespectful and selfish about everything that he does. He does not make any real effort to understand you or value the sacrifices you make to make the marriage work.

Anouk Remini

Anouk Remini

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