15 Subtle, Hidden Signs a Married Man is Attracted to You

15 Subtle, Hidden Signs a Married Man is Attracted to You

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If you are getting a lot of attention from a married man and you are confused if he is attracted to you or not because of his marital status, we are here to help you out with the signs to look for. A married man can be anyone from your boss at work to your neighbor. It’s a well-known thing that if you get involved with a married man, you are putting that man and yourself in trouble. Things are bound to get complicated in such situations. Therefore, it is necessary to know if that man is interested so that you can back off and stay alert and in your boundaries. So how to know if a married man is attracted to you and has sincere feelings for you?

Here are 15 subtle signs a married man is attracted to you and likes you more than a friend.

1. He finds excuses to talk to you alone

A very first and obvious sign of attraction is that man will find chances to talk to you. This gives him a chance to charm you. For example, if he is your boss, he will try to talk to you in his cabin via random discussions which are not about the job. If he is your neighbor, he may try to call you home for unrelated stuff. But how will you know that he is trying to flirt? All you need to do is check his body language, where he is looking at, and what he is trying to converse.

2. He wants to know about you

If a married man constantly digs out about your personal life, then take this as a sign that he is attracted to you. The very general topics are fine such as asking about the well being of your family. There is a boundary on a married man how he should talk to women and if he clearly crosses it with you, he is attracted to you. Basically, he wants to know you and your interests to impress you.

3. He is nervous around you

The one thing that indicates if a person is interested in you or not is his nervousness around you. This is not because you scare him, but because he has constant pressure of impressing you with his every move.

4. A married man attracted to you asks you about your dating life

It might be possible that you are open about your dating life but if a married man tries to know details about your dating life then he is thinking of you. He may try to get into details like whom you are seeing, how you send your personal time etc. These are the signs you should look for.

5. He tries to make you laugh

The common weapon any man will use on you to charm is making you laugh. It is often seen than a married man cracks joke around a woman when he is attracted to her. His jokes may vary from person to offending jokes, but his sole aim is to make you laugh.

6. He tries to keep his married life secret

If a married man is attracted to you, he will always try to keep his aside while having any conversation. He will never mention his wife, even if the personal discussion is going on, maybe in a group or one on one. If you notice small things like him hiding his wedding ring when you are around, then that’s a sign of his attraction.

7. Finds reason to text you

A married man will find reasons to text you in order to show his attraction and interest. He will never think if the reason is valid or not. This way he can always hide his feelings and still achieves to stay connected. He may try to make you feel special. Always notice for the instances when he texts you. He will try to initiate a conversation with open-ended questions so that the conversation will go on. If this is the case, he is attracted to you.

8. But his messages will always carry something hidden

When you receive texts from a married man who shows pretty much interest in you, look for the keywords in his texts and you will observe that he uses selective words and topics which may force you to fall for him. If this remains unnoticed, you may get trapped. So hey lady, look for the right signs and stay alert.

9. He gifts you

As stated earlier, a married man has a set of rules to follow and he definitely has some boundaries on how to behave with women. Gifting other women unnecessarily is not a usual thing for a married man. If a married man gifts you randomly, maybe with a silly reason, then the only reason is he attracted to you.

10. He will act weird when his spouse is around

If a married man gives you his attention whole time and behaves differently when his wife is around then he is doing this control his feelings and emotions for you. He knows if he starts paying attention to you, his wife may notice. If you observe properly, his voice tone will change, and he will start acting as if you are unknown to him.

11. He keeps checking on you and your activities

If by any chance, you keep bumping into a same married man, again and again, take this as an alert that he is stalking you. He keeps an eye on your activities and interest. He may follow you to the place like restaurants or cafes you go to and etc. This is a serious thing, but this also indicates that he is interested in you.

12. He stalks you on social media

This is a very common mode of showing interest. This is faced by many women that men fear to approach in person, but they will always show their love, care and affection on social media. This will start from sending you requests on each social media accounts and then followed by reacting to your posts, commenting on your posts, agreeing with you openly on social media. This all seems easy and appealing to them.

13. His body language speaks it well

It is rightly said by someone that a person’s body language speaks volume than the person’s language. Just notice how a married man behaves around you. His body language will stand out and it will give you clear signals. If you are alone, he may try to stand closer to you. Notice such things and take them as signs.

14. He notices little details about you

If a married man is attracted to you, he will tend to notice the smallest details about you. The things like how you dress up, what you change periodically, changes in haircut etc. He may try to compliment over such things. These signals can be identified easily.

15. You feel uncomfortable around him

The last but not the least sign is a married man is attracted to you is, you feel uncomfortable around him. The way he looks at you, the way he constantly notices small things and how he keeps on complimenting might make you uncomfortable. So take that all as the biggest sign. He is crushing over you.

It is always tougher to guess if someone likes you or not especially if that someone is married. We are always confused in such cases and convince ourselves that it is just in our head. But yes, married men get attracted to women and they may show clear signs as mentioned above.