12 Surefire Signs a Married Man is in Love With You!

12 Surefire Signs a Married Man is in Love With You!

Falling in love with a married man is a risky affair, a dangerous gamble. You would find yourself questioning if he really needs you or are you only a sexual fantasy. How do you know a married guy has real feelings for you and likes you more than a friend? How to tell if a married man is in love with you or falling for you? How to test him to know if he is really obsessed about you?

If you wish to know whether a married man is seriously interested in you, here are a few signs that you should notice to be sure of his true feelings:

1. A married man is attracted to you but hiding it when he is attentive

He is patient with you and wants to know your thoughts and opinions. He doesn't dump you with his problems but wants to be deeply invested in you. He is attentive to your needs and desires and makes all efforts to make you happy as far as possible. He makes time for you despite having family responsibilities and wants to help you in whatever way possible.

2. He gets jealous which means he is fighting his feelings

You will notice him struggling to hide his feelings because he gets affected when someone tries to win over you. He gets territorial or picks fights with anyone who wants to get closer to you. When you talk to other guys, he gets insecure. He may show passive aggressive tendencies, fighting his urge to let you know what he expects of you.

3. He is consistently in touch with you because he misses you

A married guy is never too busy for you if he finds you attractive. He drops you texts everyday and wants to get emotionally closer to you by seeking the comfort of talking to you. He keeps in touch and tells you how much he wants you. He is quite reluctant to drop off conversations because he wants clear access to you. No matter how occupied he is with his marital commitments, he keeps the communication channel open.

4. He is thinking about you when he wants to know you more

He initiates conversations with you. He compliments you often to hold your attention. He has difficulty expressing himself bluntly as he is married already but he wants to know so much about you that it shows he is so much into you. You are on his mind and he acts crazy when he doesn't hear back from you.

5. If he is always nice to you, it's a clear sign he cares for you

He wants to know if you had your food, if you are comfortable when he takes you out and little gestures which show he is sweet and gentle with you. He is not selfish but thoughtful when he is with you. He expects nothing from you but gives away so much, sometimes beyond what's expected from a married guy.

6. He thinks about you sexually as he is touchy around you

You arouse his passions which is why he is so tactile. He responds so well to your advances and also displays his desire for you without inhibitions. He enjoys experimenting with you but always caring about your safety and comfort. He wants to explore you and learn about your body so that sexual encounters are deeply satisfying.

7. He is really into you when he looks happy around you

He seems so elated when you give him company. He lightens up at the sight of you. Just your presence lifts his mood and he wants to engage in fun activities with you. So, his involvement with you is not just limited to sex but he goes out of his way to ensure you don;t feel like a sidekick.

8. He shares about his life honestly to build a deep connection

He does not bluff or lie to you. He is clean about his married life with you but insists that he wants to pursue his dream life with you. He may even speak about cutting off ties permanently with his wife to settle down with you.

9. He is crazy for you if he does not keep you a secret

He has made bold moves to make it known to the whole world that he wants you. He is not making hasty moves with you because he wants you to trust him and believe that he will not leave you out in the cold. He has introduced you to his friends and those important to him unbothered about the flak he may face.

10. He lets go of his ego when he's falling in love with you

When a guy is really falling for you, he would compromise with most things that would otherwise trigger him. He wants to put his best foot forward, making sure you do not get offended. He accepts you with your flaws and calls you perfect. It's never about him only but you together as a team.

11. If he is super flirty around you, it's a sign he likes you and wants you

He tells you all that he likes about you, over text too. However, it's not just about convenient texting. He romances you and shows no hesitation to engage in light PDAs. He wants you to know that you have an important space in his life and he expresses his desire for you to be exclusively involved with him.

12. He is considerate about things that matter to you

When a guy is in love with you, he is also mindful of the people and the things that your life revolves around. This shows that he doesn't need to make desperate attempts to impress you superficially but also wants to make those people you care about a part of his life too.

Anouk Remini

Anouk Remini

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