10 Clear Signs a Married Man is Using You

10 Clear Signs a Married Man is Using You

Married men often play mind games to trap someone they are sexually attracted to. They love the thrill of being desired but still acting hot and cold at their convenience with no intention to commit. How to know if a married man is playing you and not interested in a serious relationship? What are the signs a married man is just using you and exploiting you for sex or any other purpose? How to know if a married guy is manipulating you?

Here are 10 unmistakable signs a married man is just using you and toying with your feelings for sex:

1. He is emotionally unavailable

All that he wants from you is sex. He treats you like you only exist for his sexual gratification. He sees you as a friend with benefits. He doesn't put an equal effort to build a healthy relationship. The married guy might have you believe that his wife and him do not get along well but it could just be sex he is looking for. So, being emotionally available for you is not his lookout. He just needs you because he lusts after you and wants to satisfy his kinks with you.

2. He never speaks of a family with you

Starting a family with you is not on his mind. He may be content with his family life but only needs to have fun. He is bored of his routine and misses the thrill of his single years. Growing with you or building a relationship that will survive the test of time is not his agenda at all. Discussing a stable future therefore, never crossed his thoughts.

3. He has kept you a secret

He does not meet you at public places. He is quite conservative and uptight pretending like you are nothing but an acquaintance or colleague just in case you share the same workplace. He needs this to be a hush hush affair. He calls you when his wife and children are sleeping or away and refrains from responding to your texts immediately stating excuses about his family responsibilities.

4. He manipulates you

He keeps you in the loop because he can't afford to let you go so soon. He guilt trips you when you ask for more. He is kind of obsessed about you but only within your secret sexual space. He makes you believe that he will divorce his wife one day and give you a home that you deserve. In reality, he is repeatedly twisting facts to take advantage of your gullible nature. You are but an easy prey that he feasts upon as he has successfully hooked you emotionally.

5. You are not his priority

Your happiness does not matter to him. He is not interested in building a deeper connection with you. He is indifferent to your needs and expectations and has no time or interest to be there for you. He will always put his family first and if you ask for more, he threatens to cut you off for good. He only needs you when he is free, at his comfort zone while his wife and children can demand his complete attention and also exert their rights over his personal space.

6. He is not supportive of you

You love this married guy and you want to make him happy. You see potential in him and so you trust what he tells you. You are willing to wait for him and make compromises while he is indifferent. He has never helped you out of a mess or offered his support when you needed him to stand up for you and save you the unnecessary embarrassment or difficulties.

7. He isn't possessive about you

If the married guy really likes you, he will be jealous. The healthy kinda jealous is such a beautiful thing that without it you don't really know if the person is crazy about you. If he seems cold, aloof and barely affected when someone else is trying to hit on you, he doesn't really feel a thing. He is fine sharing you with someone else as long as his desires and fantasies are fulfilled because he is using you.

8. He never makes compromises for you

Have you ever found him putting everything else on hold just to be there and bring a smile to your face? Has he ever made you feel like you mean the world to him? Does he go out of his way to make your days special? Is there anything about you guys that is non-sexual? If the answer to all of these leaves you confused or border around a no, then he is giving you mixed signals and making a fool of you as he will never pursue you as a lifelong partner.

9. He has never hung out with your friends or family

If a married man meets your family, builds relationships with them and tries to position himself respectfully then he is honest and his ethics upright. When he carefully avoids all talks where you want him to engage with people who mean the most to you, then he is not into you at all. He is just cheating on his wife with you and he shamelessly acknowledges it without guilt. He is aware that they will easily brainwash you to believe that he is playing with you. So, he might even manipulate you to start maintaining a distance from them or avoid them.

10. He is too good to be true

We often fail to acknowledge what our intuition tells us. Reason gets the best of us and we consciously disregard when we see the red flags all over a love interest. When things seem unreal and rushed, you could be right. Sudden rush to make you believe that he is smitten by you or he needs you desperately could hint at underlying truths that he is trying to hide. This is not to say that good things cannot happen but when your gut instinct screams that someone is pulling the wool over your eyes, more often than not, it's undeniably right.

Anouk Remini

Anouk Remini

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