12 Signs My Husband Is Not Attracted To Me

12 Signs My Husband Is Not Attracted To Me

How do you know when your husband is not sexually attracted to you (anymore)? What are the signs that your husband doesn't want to be intimate with you? How do you know when he has lost interest in you or doesn't desire you sexually?

Here are 12 red flags and signs that you should notice when your man does not crave you or feel drawn towards you:

1. He does not make sexual advances

Does your husband reject your romantic moves or disregards your sensual behavior around him? When your marriage is devoid of the spark because of your husband's lack of interest in your physical needs, it could hint at his loss of attraction towards you. He does not seem aroused or kinky in any manner whatsoever. So, this distant attitude of coldness is a sign of loss of physical affection.

2. He does not make special gestures

When your husband is interested in you sexually he will also make consistent efforts to win over you. Romantic gestures are a reflection of his true feelings for you and lust is also a part and parcel of any intimate relationship. There is no sexual tension that you share with each other and this does not ignite or sustain chemistry with your husband. Many women take the effort to display their love for their partner only to feel disappointed because they are left unappreciated.

3. He neglects your opinions

Attraction is not just physical but intellectual too. If he does not feel motivated to communicate with you or share his thoughts then there is a neglect of how you think or feel about common issues that affect your marital relationship. When the communication channel is blocked, it has a major impact on your sex life. He is ignoring you because he may be too occupied with other motivations of his life but if he doesn't get back to you after a considerable amount of time has passed, he may feel detached from you.

4. He avoids you in public spaces

When your husband acts like he doesn't really consider you a part of himself, especially when he fails to pay attention to you at public spaces or maintains a distance from you, he may not be proud of you. He hesitates to flaunt you or walk with you because he is not confident if you project his image well. He may also be ashamed or insecure about his marital life and this reflects strongly in the manner in which he respects you in the public eye or away from it.

5. He flirts with other women

This one is a particularly strong sign about your husband's lack of passion and attraction for you. If your husband has been acting fishy or sneaking behind your back to pursue other women, he is bored with you. He may not leave you but he still needs variety to keep his sex life active. He uses his skills to charm other women and woo them which has led to a sense of dejection or disappointments for you. He has either outgrown his love for you or he is just bored with the same routine.

6. You have lost your self-confidence

When your husband starts behaving in a manner where you start questioning your worth or whether you are good enough for him, then there is a gap in your marriage and you do not feel loved. More than what he does to you or what he says, pay attention to what your thoughts and gut feelings tell you. If something feels off about your partner, his interest in you has faded and he does not make you feel the same like he used to before.

7. He is unaffected when men flirt with you

Jealousy and possessiveness are part and parcel of a romantic relationship. You should be worried when your partner does not get affected or reacts when men flirt with you. He doesn't care if someone is trying to win over you because he does not suffer from insecurity. However, a healthy dose of insecurity is expected in all relationships because a man would always showcase his territorial instincts around someone he feels strongly about. It is quite possible that you may feel unloved when your husband shows no signs of envy even when he senses competition.

8. He does not engage in fun activities

When your man does not enjoy your company, it's a clear sign that he is unmoved by your presence in his life. He may be planning travel itineraries for visiting new places with his friends and colleagues or his family but you are always left out. He does not want to do things with you that make you happy or try something new to revive the lost sexual attraction in the marriage.

9. He is abusive

When your husband expresses his disgust or loss of attraction in aggressive or violent ways, he feels a strong sexual aversion or difficulty in relating to you. He projects his anger and resentment by trying to dominate you or devaluing you with his hurtful words.. He is basically done with you even though he hasn't verbally expressed it yet. When a man mistreats his wife and causes her trauma and agony it's the most obvious sign of his lack of compassion in the marriage.

10. He is critical of you

He seems irritated no matter what you do. He is so judgemental that he kills all your intentions to make the relationship or bring back the lost charm that you once shared with each other. He picks faults or gives you unsolicited advice. Basically he disapproves of the person that you are and this has an impact or effect in the way you feel around him in your bedroom space.

11. He does not compliment you

Everyone likes receiving compliments from someone they love. It's important that your partner expresses how much he adores you or feels attracted to you. However, if your husband doesn't make any effort to tell you what he feels or appreciate you, it could mean that you don't arouse him sensually or pique his interest.

12. He is too busy for you

If your husband is too busy with everything else but you then he is just not into you, emotionally and physically. Making time for each other shows how much you value the bond or want to be physically close. If he is quick to take a leave when you are around or gets busy with other 'interesting' activities in your company then you should be alarmed.

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Anouk Remini

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