10 Signs of a Narcissist Husband

10 Signs of a Narcissist Husband

No one is perfect. Everyone has their faults. But love is all about accepting each other just the way we are. To appreciate the positives and ignore the faults. Or bear with them because the pros overweight the cons. But what about the cons that might actually be detrimental to your relationship?

Some personality traits might make things worse for you because they go against the basic expectations from a relationship. Narcissism is one such personality trait that might ruin the best of relationships. Sometimes when things are going bad, we are not able to identify the cause no matter how hard we try. The reason is that we don't assess the things that are right in front of us. Our partner's personality is one such thing.

So, how to know you are married to a narcissist husband? What are the clear signs? The more subtle ones?

Here are 10 personality traits of a narcissist husband!

1. They always find a way to make everything about themselves

It doesn't matter if it's a good thing or bad. It doesn't matter who is talking. They will always find a way to insert themselves in someone else's moment. They have a compulsive need to be in the spotlight. Any time someone's telling their story, they will barge in with their own experience. They never let people finish their stories. And even if they do, they won't listen to whoever is speaking. And just as soon as the person who was talking is done, they jump in and start their own saga.

2. They never see the fault in their ways

Narcissists will go around pointing out faults in everyone's life and personality. No one will reach their high standards. But they will never admit their own faults. They might try to appear humble by admitting a few faults in public. But notice that these are very mild faults. In fact, they aren't faults at all, their real troubles remain obscure from their view. And if anyone dares to point it out, they are absolutely dismissive. And that is a mild reaction. If the accusation is too serious, they will blast like a volcano. You do not want to see them like that. the hurt will continue for days.

3. You feel like a second-rate citizen

At the beginning of the relationship, they were very sensitive to your needs. But as things have progressed you are no longer on the priority list. And you are not replaced by anyone but your husband himself. They can't see anyone beyond their own interests. And it is obvious to you that if he ever has to choose between himself and you, he will choose himself. Your opinions, your life, your interests are all secondary.

4. There's a big difference between who he was during the chase, and who he is now

I have been talking about this quite a bit now, so you have probably already picked up on this transition. Narcissists are extremely well equipped at impressing people. They will associate themselves with you only if you seem to be at the same standard as them. so obviously, they will try their level best to woo you. Very rarely do they come across someone who complements their high standards and position in society. But as soon as they have you locked down; things will begin to change. He wouldn't give you the same respect that he used to. Your presence will be as good as any other object lying around.

5. They have a strong feeling that the world owes them something

They have a feeling of entitlement about them. They don't see that the world is a level playing field. Sure, sometimes some people get a leg up, but everyone faces failure every now and then. Not your narcissistic husband or wife. Anytime someone else gets something better than them, they are consumed with jealousy. They just can't see their own weakness. They always feel that the person sitting in judgement was biased or not equipped enough to see their true potential.

6. They are really good at impressing people

Despite all of their faults that you see in private, they can be really good at first impressions. And they don't discriminate between people they like and don't like. They are equally good at impressing all kinds of people. It's their confidence really that gives them this edge. They just know that every time they walk into a room, they can charm everyone there. But that is where their positive effect on people ends.

7. They don't have any real friends

They sure impress a lot of people around them. But they have a really hard time keeping those connections that they have made. Because the moment people start spending more time with them, they start seeing them for who they really are. Friendships are a give and take the relationship too. Their friends soon realize how selfish and self-centered they are. They might keep their acquaintance, but they don't invite your partner to intimate events. just ask your partner who they consider their best friend. Chances are they won't have an answer. And if they do name someone, you'll know the reality of that relationship.

8. They can't refrain from doling out advice, even when it is clearly not wanted

The biggest problem with their personalities is that they feel they know more than everyone around them. Actually, scratch that. Their biggest problem is that they think everyone accepts their intellectual superiority and are eager for them to share their wisdom. The truth couldn't be far from this. Yet, this doesn't stop your partner from giving everyone a piece of their mind. Even when people don't ask them to. The thing is that they don't even realize what the truth is. Mainly because they are incapable of seeing beyond their narcissistic worldview.

9. They love showing off

Social media a breeding ground for narcissists. It brings out the self-obsession in the best of us. In fact, I remember reading somewhere that changing your profile pictures often is a sign of narcissism. Now, I don't know how true this statement is. I don't remember the source. But it is undeniable that narcissists do love to show off. They like reasserting to the world, the position that they are the best. And who would believe them without proof? So, their social media accounts are splashed with photos celebrating their lives. They write big posts which shout out their views for the whole world to read. Their profiles don't have a private security setting. They want the entire world to see what perfection looks like.

10. Their ego is extremely fragile

And we end this list with another point that I have been hinting at all throughout. A relationship is supposed to make you a better human being. But to be able to improve one needs to be open to criticism. Sure, your partner should know how to criticize constructively and deliver it the right way. But being open to criticism is just as important. But your narcissistic spouse doesn't subscribe to this concept. Any time you point some area of improvement, they get all defensive. Worst than that, they will try to put you down.

Sherry Kennedy

Sherry Kennedy

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