10 Signs of a Platonic Love

10 Signs of a Platonic Love

A close friendship that is unconditional and non-sexual is how platonic love is generally defined. This is a special bond that is sacred and unselfish, beyond the expectations that exist in romantic love. So, what does it mean to be in a platonic relationship? What are Platonic soulmates? And how to know if your love is platonic?

Here are 10 signs that will tell you if you are in a platonic love!

1. It is selfless

Platonic love is not selfish. It does not demand or expect. Individuals in platonic relationships have a deeply affectionate bond that's embedded in close friendship. They are committed to being there for each other for life no matter what it takes to make sustain the love for life. There is a greater acceptance of each other's limitations and weaknesses with a firm belief that challenges might rock their boat but they will sail through despite the odds.

2. Distance does not matter in your relationship

In platonic love, distance is not a matter of concern for either of the individuals. This is because bodily lust or physical presence of the lover does not assume paramount importance. Thus, distance is not a hindrance for love to grow or thrive. As there is an unconditional acceptance of one another, there is little place for misunderstandings to creep into the relationship. There is no holding back of emotions no matter how far the lovers are or how long they manage to live away.

3. There are no mutual expectations

Love in platonic relationships does not depend on active reciprocity. There is no insecurity or fear of loss as there is no build up of expectations in such a bond between individuals. There are no mixed signals that complicate the outcomes of the relationship. There is a beautiful feel-good factor that works when the lovers share their feelings with each other and express their dependability and support regardless of the materialization of the partnership.

4. No sexual intimacy

Physical desires are neither expected nor manifest in platonic companionship. Individuals never feel a sexual attraction towards each other. Erotic love is not involved in the emotional give and take between the platonic lovers. They are close to each other but that is strictly emotional and spiritual and far from sexual. So, the contact is not dependent on conjugal loyalty or a passionate physical chemistry. There is a possibility of platonic relationships becoming sexual in the long-run but at least the initial phase has no place for it.

5. Communication is transparent

There is no place for lies or deceit in a platonic friendship or relationship. Individuals do not manipulate each other and thus, drama or stress do not touch these individuals in love. There is seamless communication as they understand each other and can relate the way soulmates do. There is a sense of knowing of all that makes the partner happy and therefore, an open channel of communication is easy to maintain in platonic relationships. They are in tune with each other as they are aware of each other's general outlook towards life and manner of conduct.

6. Possessiveness is missing

The vicious cycle of neediness that gives rise to strong attachment and possessiveness is missing in platonic love. It is a balanced form of love where each individual is an equal and no one person dominates over the other or forces their decisions upon the other. It does not center around 'me' or 'mine' but 'we' and thus, naturally the connection flourishes. There is ample freedom and respect for space in this kind of love so that the partner can lead life on their own terms and come back to each other.

7. There is no material exchange

The partners do not need to spoil or pamper each other with gifts or lavish experiences. As the expectations are quite basic and minimalist, care and loyalty are the greatest exchange between the lovers over tangible or material goods. This relationship is based on meaningful connection as the partners want nothing but the best for each other.

8. Detached from social rules

Socially accepted rules do not apply to platonic relationships as society does not value or believe in such love between members of the opposite sex. Although they are quite common and have been there since the beginning of time, the society has struggled to accept a non-sexual deeply intimate relationship between a man and a woman as “normal”. Society places high regards on romantic love but not on platonic love because of its high degree of abstraction and the possibility of platonic love being converted into a romantic one in the long run.

9. Unquestionable loyalty

Platonic love does not fear that the partner may choose to disconnect or leave as they believe in love being abundant and not scarce. Lack of sexual tension and control enables individuals to live life on their own terms and this helps them prioritize their platonic lover over most things. They let their guards down without fearing their vulnerabilities to be judged or misunderstood and disapproved.

10. Friendship is the basis of a platonic relationship

The platonic lovers can freely share their love, joys and sorrows with each other. They adore and admire one another so much that it is almost blinding and they could struggle to find this rare bond with anyone else ever again. They often feel a telepathic communication working between them, filling each other's blanks like they are one and the same person. This friendship never crosses its limit and physical closeness is confined to hugging and holding hands and generally nothing beyond that.

Anouk Remini

Anouk Remini

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